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How do two people fall in love? More specifically, how does a gorgeous and hopelessly idealistic teenaged Amanda end up with a punk young kid named Jesse who was far too cool to believe in romance? Whether falling in love happens by luck or by labor, this unlikely couple discovered that a little of both these ingredients created a spark between them in the fall of 2007. They say first impressions are important, but when these two first met at university, Amanda will be quick to tell you that she easily sized him up as a textbook pretentious jerk.

When all dressed up one Friday night, she playfully asked Jesse where he was headed as he stepped onto Westfall Hall's ramshackle elevator. Unaware he was speaking to his future wife, Jesse disdainfully replied "On a date" as the elevator doors closed. This encounter left Amanda completely disinterested with Jesse -- a fact that would drive him mad for the next few months. Little did Amanda know at the time, but he was the only geek in the dormitory that could fix her internet a week later. For that matter, he would be fixing her computers for the next decade. The following years held a flurry of change that neither of the two could have endured alone.

Jesse starting working night shifts and dropped out of school, to eventually move a hundred miles away. Amanda wasn't sure what she wanted to do with her life, and bounced from school to school and residence to residence. Despite the instabilities in their lives, that spark stayed alight every evening when they called each other to say goodnight. With every opportunity and each new job, Jesse moved closer to the girl who kept him going. It wasn't until 2012 that his job fell through and his only option was to move into the Mathews' family basement. It was here that these two learned the art of commiseration and cohabitation.

Shortly after, Amanda and Jesse decided that it was time to move out together. She started graduate school, and he began a new career. They continued to support, encourage, and inspire eachother -- nurturing that original spark of infatuation into something deep and immutable. It wasn't long before that punk teenager found himself, all grown up, spending his bottom dollar on the perfect ring for the love of his life. After a year of painstaking planning, Jesse proposed to Amanda in February of 2015 on a surprise ski trip in Beaver Creek. He asked the question in a song composed over many long commutes and played on the guitar he hadn't touched since college.

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Luke Coffin
Best Man

Jon Zayas
Best Man

  • Chris Rogers
  • Dillon Mathews
  • Josh Melendez

Molly Mathews
Maid of Honor

Rachel Carpenter
Maid of Honor

  • Laurel Welborne
  • April Maloney
  • Tenae Beane
  • Megan Mathews

Grant-Humphreys Mansion

Denver, Colorado

Half Past 5 o'clock
in the evening

September Third
Two Thousand and Sixteen

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Courtyard Marriott Downtown

934 16th Street
Denver, CO 80202


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